Advertising. Publicity. Entertainment. All in one box.
Book THE THING MACHINE! For........

BUSINESS/STORE/PRODUCT? A skit that fully promotes all the advantages and capabilities of your products or services. Custom-written, to get the exact points you need to get across! I can even hand out brochures, coupons or samples!

FESTIVAL? I can advertise the events and attractions of the day, act as a guide, promote your sponsors - and even make a skit centered on the theme of the festival!

MUSEUM? Having an "Open House" or blockbuster exhibition? Let me promote your family, education and adult programs, hand out brochures - even advertise future exhibitions and specials!

THEATER/CLUB? As I did for Hartford Stage, I can advertise your current and future shows, hand out brochures, promote your programs, and even do a special Thing Machine ticket offer!

TRADESHOW? My custom-written skit can sum up your show for attendees, highlight certain aspects and provide hourly updates; leaving your attendees not only more educated about your show, but motivated to get more involved in it.

BUT I DON'T NEED ADVERTISING! My advertising's taken care of. I've booked my entertainment. Word of mouth has taken care of the rest. I don't need anything else! Maybe not. But why go with the same old thing?

Go with something that's never been done before!

The Thing Machine can inform your visitors/patrons of the day's activities, advertise your sponsors, hand out brochures and construct a skit that compliments the theme of your event.


All in one box.


Have the Thing Machine visit your school! Learn about.... ART! I can perform a skit about art and art history!

HISTORY! A skit about history, and how important the past is and how it effects our lives!

Or any other subject you can think of/need--- MATH, SCIENCE, HEALTH, BUSINESS.... you name it and I can do it! under five minutes -- or longer... all for an affordable price!

The Thing Machine can visit your business to boost morale, inform employees of new ideas/projects, or even simply to promote company unity.

The classic fairy tale has been tailored to be performed in the Thing Machine! See a staple of children's literature redefined and given a modern twist - all inside a vending machine!

DO YOU HAVE A NEW PRODUCT? I can write a skit customized for your product, perform in a festival, park, mall or public place and perform for several or more hours, advertising YOUR product - even hand out samples! Imagine reaching possibly hundreds of new customers, all in the space of a few hours. At a fraction of the cost of regular advertising!

BUT I'VE HIRED MY ENTERTAINMENT! Then why not add an act that advertises what your organization does, and promotes your sponsors? I perform skits that not only entertain, but advertise as well. With the Thing Machine, you're getting entertainment that can make you money!




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