Proof that the Thing Machine is an
effective marketing tool!
  • "The Thing Machine Rocks! Curtis Widem has created the perfect marketing tool to champion the borough of Queens. Marge, his fictional housewife, wins the trip of a lifetime to Queens and learns all about the borough's fascinating history, diverse cultures and attractions. The presentation appealed to children and the young at heart and drew lots of crowds to our booth. Great presentation and a pleasure to work with. Thanks!"
  • Michelle Stoddart
    Director of Marketing & Tourism
    Queens Economic Development Corporation
  • "The Thing Machine helped us inform the Business Showcase attendees about the day's events using a creative and artistic advertising style. The unique skit customized to the venue energized the participants to get involved in the program."
  • Harland Henry
    Director of Community Outreach and Business Development
    Office of the Secretary of the State
  • "Curtis Widem and the Thing Machine have been a fun, interactive and effective way for us to extend a sense of theatre to our marketing. By utilizing the Thing Machine, we can do more events-based outreach and get our point across to hundreds of potential customers at a time. Kids love it and that means parents are paying attention too!"
  • Jacques Lamarre
    Director of Marketing and PR
    Hartford Stage
  • "On behalf of AGENDA, thank you for participating and providing promotional entertainment. This year's show was absolutely terrific! Your performances were greatly appreciated and were a unique resource for planners at The 6th Annual AGENDA Conference & Expo."
  • Sandra Placide, CSEP
    Event & Marketing Manager
    The DND Group

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